“Leather and Textile 100% made in Italy”
We buy all our leather or fabric components only from Italy. All materials used for our shoes are compliant with C.E.E legislation.
We respect the international standards
provided for human rights, respect for worker's rights, the protection against the exploitation of minors, and guarantees a safe and healthy workplace.
“No harmful products”
During our stitching and lasting processes, our company is careful to use only glues and water adhesives which are especially resistant products. They are not harmful to the health of those who work with them and are also not harmful to those ultimate consumers who wear them.
Human Resources
Compliance Legislation in terms of health and safety in the workplace regulations as Legislative law 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, Continuous investment of our resources to the "Training" specification of our employees, Management and proper disposal of waste in accordance with regulations and the Environment.