“From planning to implementation, our team relies on thirty years of management experience and the combined knowledge to produce exquisite Italian shoes for the marketplace.”

This management team carefully follows every small detail of the production process for every shoe we make.

Modeling Department

Step by step, the prototypes are tested, adapted and refined in order to create the final, finished, market-ready samples.

Our talented modelistas, using our most advanced technology, will start with our customer’s sketches and then creatively produce the first prototypes.

Laser Cutting

Directly connected to the terminals of the modeling department,

our technical employees utilize computerized cutting tables (CAD / CAM) to cut our uppers for the both samples and ultimately production runs.

Samples Stitching

This department consists of highly trained women who take care of stitching all our sample uppers in accordance with the customer’s samples requirements

They are guided and overseen by the modeling department and also supervised by an experienced manager who is fully responsible for the management and organization of the production of all our sample uppers.

Lasting Department

Another critical and key area in our quality control is the lasting department,

the lasting department consists of skilled employees who are directly organized and supervised by a talented and experienced senior manager.

Warehouse Department

Our warehouse people are a vital and important part of our overall operation.

Our Warehouse Department is staffed by long term, experienced employees who organize and monitor shipments to ensure on-time deliveries to all our customers.

Quality Control Department

The control of the quality of our products is always carefully carried out in-house, under the watchful eye of the director of quality control,

any external production processes have been carefully entrusted during times of production to a second senior manager who follows daily following production quality of these goods.